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In the heart of South Cotabato, Philippines, in the small town of Koronadal, the seeds of resilience and determination were sown, and the beginning of Jocelyn Alabata-Hansen’s inspiring journey. Jocelyn is the founder of TheFilipinoHero, a platform designed to elevate the lives of Filipinos abroad through exclusive, better negotiated pricing on goods and services to support these heroes in the way they have never been supported before.  

Jocelyn’s path was far from easy. The loss of her mother at just 11 years old and a life in poverty brought with it harsh realities and daunting challenges. Yet, this pivotal moment ignited a fire within her to change her destiny and the destiny of countless others. Raised in a tough environment, she embraced the values of hard work and perseverance. 

Her determination led her to earn a scholarship at Notre Dame University of Marbel, where she actively participated in student organizations and activism while majoring in English and Philosophy. These disciplines prepared her with fundamental life skills. After graduation, Jocelyn moved to Manila, a city known for testing the adaptability and resilience of those from far-flung provinces. Here, her career took a significant turn. 

Jocelyn’s love for writing secured her a position at a Congress-based magazine at the House of Representatives in Manila. She then served as the Executive Assistant to Congressman Miguel Romero, who was also the Chairman of the Commission on Appointments at the time. 

The socio-economic disparities Jocelyn witnessed in Manila were a catalyst for her move to Canada, marking a new chapter in her life. In Canada, she faced and overcame various hurdles, eventually establishing herself as a successful Canadian Immigration Consultant and aiding over a thousand Filipinos in their migration journey. Her entrepreneurial spirit also led her to develop a product that received an NPN number from Health Canada. 

But Jocelyn’s vision was more significant than her personal accomplishments. She recognized the collective struggles of Filipinos around the world. Drawing on her life experiences and the stories of many others, she founded TheFilipinoHero. More than just a platform, TheFilipinoHero.com is a mission-driven endeavor to support overseas Filipinos through exclusive benefits, savings, and privileges. It aims to build a supportive community and alleviate the hardships of those working tirelessly abroad. It’s a tribute to the millions of Filipinos who selflessly sacrifice their comfort and well-being for their families back home. 

Jocelyn’s journey, from the humbling beginnings in Koronadal to the inception of TheFilipinoHero, is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It serves as an enduring inspiration, echoing the ethos that through perseverance, compassion, and a commitment to uplift others, one can spark a transformative change in the world, one mission at a time.

Jocelyn Alabata-Hansen