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Unsung Heroes: Celebrating the Strength and Resilience of Filipino Women Overseas

A dedication to all Filipino women overseas in celebration of International Women’s Day

The strength and resilience of Filipino women overseas often go unnoticed and unrecognized. In celebration of International Women’s Day, there has never been a better time to honour and celebrate these unsung heroes for their incredible contributions and achievements. From the work that they do in health care and other service sectors to the sacrifices they make in order to provide for their families, Filipino women overseas represent an important part of the global workforce. 

Filipino women are a significant force in the global workforce, representing around 60% of the Philippines’ overseas foreign workers of around 10 million. They have been instrumental in helping drive both the growth of the economy of the Philippines and their host countries, working in a wide range of industries, including health care, manufacturing, education, family care and hospitality. They are a strong workforce with presence from North America, Asia to the Middle East.

Many of these women leave behind their families and homes to work abroad due to economic hardships or because they want to provide better education for their children. But despite the difficulties of being away from home, Filipino women overseas thrive and continue to be the pillar of strength to their children, families and community back home. Nonetheless, they are making significant contributions to their host countries’ economies from being caregiver to families as nannies, housekeepers to elder care. These Filipino women are behind some successful lawyers, doctors, CEOs, politicians or decision makers in first world countries looking after their children or elder parents, managing their household or making sure the family has a healthy meal, so they can focus on their careers or in running a country. Many of these women also provide essential services from manufacturing, hotels, groceries, nursing homes and hospitals. They in a way are significant to the functioning of many economies around the world. 

Despite the challenges they face, Filipino women continue to display tremendous resilience and strength. They have shown incredible ability to adapt to new environments and cultures, often going above and beyond in order to provide for their families and achieve their dreams. The Filipino women’s innate caring abilities are in fact their strength. They are patient, compassionate and caring in general. They value respect more than anything as their guiding principle in any relationships.

The resilience of Filipino women overseas is something that should be celebrated and admired. From sacrificing their personal lives to setting up new homes in foreign lands, to caring for someone’s children as their own while maintaining a close bond with their own children halfway around the world. These women are a testament to the power of the human spirit. They are an inspiration to us all and serve as a reminder of the importance of compassion, working hard and never giving up. 

It is important to recognize the hard work and contributions of Filipino women overseas. This International Women’s Day, let us honor and celebrate their strength and resilience. Let us remember that, despite the difficulties they face, these women continue to make invaluable contributions to the global workforce, to the Philippines economy and serve as an inspiration to us all.