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Valor Amid Violence: Remembering a Filipina Hero in the Israel-Gaza War

In the throes of the devastating conflict in Israel, a story of heroism emerges, casting a light on the extraordinary courage of a Filipina nurse whose sacrifice became a testament to unwavering loyalty and humanity.   As the Israel-Gaza hostilities escalated, one woman’s fortitude stood out. Angeline, a dedicated Filipina nurse in Kibbutz Kfar, Gaza faced a harrowing decision as chaos enveloped the region. Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Fleur Hassan-Nahoum recounted the heart-wrenching tale of how Angeline, despite having the option to seek safety amidst the Hamas offensives, staunchly refused to abandon Nira, her elderly patient. “Caught in the vortex of violence, Angeline exhibited an extraordinary sense of duty, choosing to stand as Nira’s pillar of strength,” Hassan-Nahoum reflected with profound respect. “Their lives were tragically snuffed out, a stark reminder of the senseless brutality of war. In the face of sheer terror, Angeline’s bravery shines as a beacon of true honor.” The Deputy Mayor’s voice quivered with emotion as she emphasized the deep bond between Israelis and the Filipino community in Israel. “Filipino workers form the backbone of our caregiving sector, a comforting presence for our seniors and children, and a blessing to numerous families, including my own. Losing any one of you is a heartbreaking as losing one of our own.”   In another tale of resilience, a 33-year-old Filipina caregiver, opting for anonymity, narrated her ordeal during the nocturnal terror at Be’eri Kibbutz, merely three miles from Gaza. She and her employer, Diana, found themselves ensnared in a nightmare, crouching in fear for 18 relentless hours with no sustenance, only to be liberated by the Israel Defense Forces in the stealth of the pre-dawn hours.   These stories provide just a glimpse into the larger narrative of Filipinos’ experiences in Israel, emblematic of the risks they face and the heroism they display in conflict zones. Recent reports mourn the loss of four Filipino lives in the ongoing strife, a tragic testament to their commitment not just to their employers in foreign lands but also to the families relying on them back home.   With approximately 30,000 Filipino workers in Israel, everyone contributes to a narrative of courage, care, and sacrifice that transcends borders and ethnicities. At TheFilipinoHero, we solemnly recognize and celebrate these valiant souls, whose stories of heroism underpin our mission to honor such undaunted spirit and dedication.