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What is The Filipino Hero

We are honoured to serve Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) – our heroes that work relentlessly for their families and contribute to their country.

Supporting Overseas Filipino Workers

You will feel relieved to know someone is here to understand that being in a foreign country and experiencing a new culture is full of challenges. The Filipino Hero is dedicated to helping Overseas Filipino Workers. It takes courage to leave one’s home and homeland in search of a job opportunity in another country. Overseas Filipino Workers are our brave heroes who sacrifice years of their lives to provide for their families.

The Philippines has a long history of sending migrants abroad, and overseas Filipinos contribute significantly to the country’s economy. Foreign exchange inflows to the country have been fueled mainly by remittances from the overseas community. This community’s substantial financial contribution and immense sacrifices make them worthy of being called “modern-day heroes.” Therefore, we want to celebrate them through discounts and privileges.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) often come across challenges that make their work and life in the other country more difficult. In addition to honouring the courage of Filipino Heroes, the Filipino Hero Co. is committed to giving them dignity. We provide exclusive access to discounts, privileges and benefits through our valued merchant partners worldwide.

Taking Care of Filipino Heroes

Overseas Filipino workers (OFW) sacrifice time with their families, special occasions, and being around their children to give them the best possible life. The Filipino Hero understands your sacrifices and your problems. We are here to support you.

We are an international membership company that offers discounts, perks, and privileges to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and Filipinos living abroad. Our discounts, perks and benefits for Filipino heroes include a pension fund, pharmaceutical needs, gasoline, insurance discounts, and more. We also aim to provide The Filipino Hero members with discounted hotel stays and airline rates through our partners.

We offer a special emergency support fund for overseas Filipino women working in Saudi who quit their job due to a hostile workplace environment. Our goal is to celebrate, support and cherish all Filipino workers worldwide who give up their time, energy and resources for their families and contribute to the country’s economy.

How We Work?

Filipino Hero Co. provides a membership platform to the OFWs heroes. By providing them access to hundreds of thousands of our merchant partners around the world, we wish to build a genuine community for OFWs and all Filipinos abroad. The Filipino Hero offers thousands of discounts to our overseas Filipino Hero members worldwide.

We are working actively to add more countries to extend our services to increased numbers of Filipino heroes. Our services are continually tailored to meet overseas Filipino workers’ immediate or core needs. To honour OFW heroes, through discount vouchers, we give them a better experience during their travel, stay and work in a foreign country.